Sunday, January 18, 2015

18 Months and Counting

Sunday, January 18

Devyn and Kinley are actually 19 months old now, but most of our updates and photos are from last month, so let's just pretend this post isn't a month overdue, OK?

We hope all of our friends and family had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years! Our family spent Christmas in Minnesota this year. We had an amazing time! The weather wasn't too terribly cold, the girls experienced their first white Christmas, and best of all, we enjoyed spending time with our family.

Kinley Grace, 18 months
Christmas Eve
Kinley's Fun Facts:
  • Weight: 20 lbs, 12 oz
  • Height : 30 inches
  • Teeth: 5 1/2
  • New Word: "Hi!"
  • Favorite Hobby: army crawling around the living room 
Devyn Marie, 18 months
Christmas Eve
Devyn's Fun Facts:
  • Weight 24 lbs, 6 oz.
  • Height: 32 inches
  • Teeth: 8
  • New Word: Tickle
  • Favorite Hobby: emptying the silverware from the dishwasher and dumping them everywhere

I think it's safe to say these girls are spoiled! They received a play kitchen set, a trampoline, tricycles, DVDs, tons of clothes, more toys than I can count, and much more! The girls were not huge fans of the gift opening process. I assume that next year they'll be a little more excited.

Christmas 2014

 Kinley trying on her new tricycle helmet. 

 Kinley having lunch with Grandpa Ferson

 Dessert at the candy shop with Uncle Randy

 Cheering on the Vikings at Grandma and Grandpa Bjerke's

 "Why are my gloves so big?" -Kinley

"What is this stuff?" -Devyn

24 weeks along
"What's that you say? I look like I'm ready to pop? Not exactly.... I still have 3 months to go!"

How many babies can you find in this picture?!?!

This is how we relax! 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Football and Turkey

Saturday, December 20

Devyn and Kinley are 18 months old now. I don't know where the time goes! I'd say they've changed a bit over the past year!
1/2 Birthday!
One year ago

November was a busy month for the Marsh Family. We traveled to Atlanta for the annual Marsh Family Football Trip, enjoyed Thanksgiving with Grandma and Grandpa Bjerke, and found out the gender of our two new additions due in April. 

Devyn Marie, 18 months

Devyn is still our wild child! She loves to climb and has now learned how to come down the stairs by herself. It's her favorite thing to do right now, aside from torturing her sister. She is into everything, and knows exactly what she is NOT supposed to play with, so naturally those are the things she prefers. Even though I have a gate around it, our Christmas tree has a big bare spot in the middle where she has so politely un-decorated it. Although she can easily make her desires known, she still isn't saying much. She will repeat "Momma," but that's about it. 

Kinley Grace, 18 months

Kinley has made some great improvements over the past few weeks! She is finally able to army crawl, so she can get herself around a bit better than just rolling. Her physical therapist has prescribed braces, much like those Devyn wore to straighten her club feet. She will be getting these in the coming weeks. The goal of the braces will be to keep her heal flexed to lengthen the muscles and tendons in her legs and ankles. Her brain condition causes a lot of tightness in her muscles, which makes standing very difficult for her. Kinley loves to "talk." Her favorite word is still "No," but she also says Momma, Dadda, tickle, and uh-oh.   

World of Coca-Cola
Atlanta, GA

We had a blast in Atlanta on the Marsh Family Football Trip! We visited the World of Coca-Cola, the Georgia Aquarium, and best of all...watched the Browns beat the Falcons! 

Daddy and Devyn tried to break into the vault that stores the only written copy of the Coca-Cola recipe--they did not succeed. Then, they headed to the tasting room to try Coke products from all over the world. I hope he was giving her caffeine-free sips!

Waiting for our Coca-Cola adventure to begin. Daddy with Kinley, and Devyn with Uncle Curtis.  

After Coca-Cola World, we headed over to the Georgia Aquarium. Kinley slept through much of it, but we still had a great time!
 Grampy with Devyn
 Grammy, Devyn, and Mommy
 When Kinley finally woke up, Daddy took her on a speed-tour to catch her up on everything she'd missed. 
Devyn with Aunt Shannon

Saturday was a fun day of playing tourist, but of course, Sunday means business. The Marsh family travels to watch the Browns play every year, and we've NEVER seen them win.

I was pretty nervous about taking the girls to the game. Devyn doesn't like sitting still, and Kinley absolutely hates loud noises! I figured it would be a disaster....
 Getting ready for the Browns game!
 Turns out...Devyn is a great football fan! The crowds, noise, and lack of leg room didn't bother her one bit. She sat with Grammy pretty much the whole time, and even took a nap during the game!
Kinley, on the other hand, did not enjoy the game very much. No, I wasn't sleeping. I was probably praying that the loud speakers would malfunction. Even with ear plugs in, she spent a lot of time upset about the noise.   
 Our family received an early Christmas miracle...the Browns actually won!
Do we look surprised? Because I think we were....

After returning from the football trip, we had our 18 week ultrasound appointment to find out the genders of our second set of twins (I still can't believe it)! I know we were both hoping for boys, but it turns out we are destined to be surrounded with pink, dolls, and dresses for the rest of our lives.
 Baby A and Baby B (or C and D, as Dadddy calls them) are both girls!

A perfect end to a great month was enjoying Thanksgiving with Grandma and Grandpa Bjerke, who came down from Minnesota. It was great to enjoy our annual traditions: big turkey dinner for all, black Friday shopping for Grandma and Mom, and of course a trip to Ethel M Chocolates to load up on chocolate and take a walk around the gardens with thousands of Christmas lights. 
 Family Photo
Grandma and Grandpa Bjerke with the girls

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Trick or Treat!

Sunday, November 2

Our cat (Devyn) and mouse (Kinley)!

Happy Halloween! What a fun weekend we had! Devyn and Kinley participated in their first Halloween traditions: first costumes, first trick-or-treating, and first pumpkin carving experience. Grandma Carol bought them their first costumes when she was here last week. I didn't think they would last 5 seconds with those hoods on, but surprisingly they didn't seem to mind at all!

They LOVED trick-or-treating, but not because of the candy. Devyn just loves to walk/run free, so it was all one big adventure to her. And Kinley just enjoyed being out and about, soaking up the sights. Our friends Will and Joelene came with too. I was a tad unprepared and didn't buy any candy buckets, so we had to improvise. Yes, that's Devyn trick-or-treating with a sand/beach bucket:-) 

 The first house....
The wrappers probably don't taste as good as the candy. 
Ridin' in style!
 "Where to next, guys?"  -Devyn
Pumpkin carving 
Mom had to do all the work!
We found a pumpkin big enough for them to fit in!

My favorite part of the weekend was the weather. We finally had temperatures that made it feel like fall! 
 I think someone wants to go outside...
OK, off to the park!
 We love to swing!
 It's a workout chasing this young lady around!
How rule-follower and my rule-breaker. 

Only took me 16 months...but I finally finished the girls' NICU keepsake boxes.

And one more pic just because I love it (and her):
I hope she enjoys doing dishes this much in about 10 years!