Monday, May 29, 2017

Sand and Hard Hats

Monday, May 29

Brylee and  Ellison are officially two-year-olds! We had a wonderful birthday celebration back in March with tons of friends and family! Even Uncle Curtis and Aunt Shannon came from New Jersey and brought our cousin Bryant so that we could finally meet him! The theme was "construction," which was perfect for these messy, truck-loving girls!
Birthday present from Grammy and Grampy...a new sandbox!

Caution: now entering the terrible twos!
 My birthday girls! Brylee (above) and Ellie (below)

 Plenty of sand to go around!

Hard hats required at this party!
When the Marsh clan all gets together we have to take advantage!

The year is zipping by as usual! Only a couple more weeks and Kinley and I will be done with school. Devyn will continue to attend her daycare "school" throughout the summer, and Kinley will attend summer school in July. Devyn was accepted into a 1/2 day Pre-K program at my school, so she will be coming to school with me next year! We're so excited! Kinley will remain in the Pre-K program at her current school just down the street from us.
                       Picking out a book in school.                Devyn working on her letters at school.

 Brylee and Ellison have been attending a few classes through the park and rec department with our amazing nanny, Kaytie. They have so much fun!
               Brylee and Ellie are "Little Explorers."              Devyn in Messy Monday class!

Easter 2017
Mom can't even get a decent family photo on Easter!
        Look at these smiles! Brylee and Kinley love to swing! 

Ellie loves to run around free, while Devyn climbs anything she can find!

 This is how we dye eggs in the Marsh household.

And just because...
Devyn and her BFF Hailey having a picnic!

Is this what you see in your rear view mirror?!?!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Holidays 2016

March 18, 2017

I'm still catching up on 2016!

We had such a wonderful holiday season! We celebrated Thanksgiving at home with Grandma and Grandpa Bjerke. Then, in early December, we met Grandpa and Grandma Marsh in Williams, Arizona. We had such an amazing time! The girls haven't been around snow since they were very little, so this was like their first experience. We rode the Polar Express, which was so fun! I think I was even more excited than the girls. We even squeezed time in at a local deer park and petting zoo. 
All aboard!
Kinley and Ellie are excited!
Grandpa, Ellie, and cookies! And Devyn with her chocolate "coffee."
We found Santa at the North Pole.
Kinley couldn't handle all the excitement. Brylee loved the bells that Santa gave us.

Snow! Snow! Snow! I think this was Devyn's favorite part of the entire trip!
                                                             Snowball fight with Daddy!

Brylee just wanted to walk. They don't get to be free very often. Kinley got a ride from Daddy.
Ellie was my little daredevil. She preferred the rocks over the animals.
Family photo with the deer.
Devyn wasn't afraid of the deer. Shocking!

Later that month we headed to Minnesota for Christmas! Grandma and Grandpa Bjerke were brave enough to travel with me and the girls. Two delayed flights and only one napping baby later we arrived in Minnesota in the middle of the night and were welcomed by temperatures WELL below zero. It was all worth it though because we had a great time!
 Do you want to build a snowman?!?! With Auntie Kim!
 Ellie (purple) and Brylee (pink) liked tasting the snow.
Daddy gave Devyn her first snowmobile lesson.

Visiting with Grandpa and Grandma Ferson!

Christmas Morning....
 Santa brought waaaay too many gifts! I'm sure he regrets going overboard on all the goodies, when really all they played with were the Paw Patrol toys.
Matching jammies!
 Nana got some Ellie snuggles.
 Ellie likes her trucks. Brylee is more of a baby doll kind of girl.
 Devyn loved all of her presents!
 Nana and (most of) her great-grandchildren.

 Cousin Co reading to her girls. 

 Devyn and Daddy did a great job!
Santa's girls. Not a single one of them wanted to talk to, or sit next to, the guy.
Maybe next year, Santa!