Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Summer Part II

September 15, 2017

We had such a great summer! I am overwhelmed with happiness looking through photos of all the fun we've had the past few weeks. I still have some catching up to do from my earlier summer post, so I'll work my way backwards...

First Day of School
August 14, 2017
(Well...technically this was Kinley's 2nd day of school. She wasn't cooperative on her first day). 

Devyn is coming to school with me now for half-day preschool. She loves it! I think she's the bossy kid in class. I can't imagine where she gets that from!?! Her favorite things at school are playing dress-up and going to music class because she gets to play instruments! 

Kinley is attending the same preschool class she was in last year, at the elementary school just up the street from us. She rides the bus there every day, which makes her sisters very jealous! She likes going to school and comes home singing all the songs she learns there.

Our last big adventure for the summer was our first real family the beach! The kids had never been to the ocean, so we took them to San Diego for a few days. The Hinton family and Marsh Grandparents were along for the chaos, I mean...trip! 

We spent the first day at the beach! As with most new experiences, I never let my hopes get too high because you never know how long it will be before the meltdowns begin or patience runs out. To my pleasant was an AMAZING day! We were literally there all day and everyone was happy and had a great time! Well, we did manage to lose Brylee within the first few minutes of arriving, but after a few minutes of panic, the rest of the day went great! Devyn absolutely loved the ocean! She spent the day jumping in the waves, digging in the sand, and crawling around like a crab. Brylee and Ellie weren't such big fans of the water, but they were thrilled just to walk up and down the beach and play. Kinley wasn't thrilled that she was covered from head to toe in sand the entire day, but had a blast anyway!
            "There's sand in my mouth." -Kinley                    "This is the best day EVER!" -Devyn

Ellie the beach bum!

This is as close as Brylee wanted to get to the water. 

Grampy and Ellie

Digging her way to China???

As close as I get to a workout.
This is a MUST on every trip to the beach, right?

Our second day was spent at the San Diego Zoo. It was way too hot and humid for our tastes, but we powered through and had a great time anyway! The biggest hit of the day wasn't any of the was the bus tour ride around the park. Maybe we should have just stayed on that all day!

San Diego Zoo
Grammy and Ellie watching the elephants

             Enjoying the ride through the zoo.                            A monkey looking at a giraffe.
Grampy and the double-decker stroller. 

During our stay in San Diego we also spent some time at the Children's Museum downtown and even had a bonfire on the beach at sunset...until the lifeguards made us put it out because we didn't have a proper fire pit. Devyn keeps asking when we're going on vacation again. I'm wondering the same thing myself!

Earlier this summer we took our first camping trip to Utah with the Hinton family. Daddy got to do a little fishing....or maybe I should say an attempt to fish:-) The girls took their first boat ride, played in the lake, had their first campfire, roasted marshmallows, and had a fantastic time getting incredibly dirty!
Ashley looks like she has this under control! I should have just relaxed on the beach 
and let her take the 5 girls on the boat:-)

Daddy and the littles.

Devyn getting fishing lessons from Ashley.
                  Brylee loved the lake too!                      Kinley tried to throw EVERYTHING overboard.                                                                                                             Literally.

Boat selfies with Mommy! Brylee on left, Ellie on the right.

Rocks and water....all a girl needs to keep busy.
Kinley could have stayed in the lake all day.

Captain Jeremy (aka Cowboy Jeremy) with Brylee

And because I'm behind. Always. The annual NICU bathtub photos that I take around the girl's birthday:
Devyn Marie 
4 year-old princess (above). 
About 6 weeks old (below). She weighed a little over 5 pounds in this photo.

Kinley Grace 
4 years old (above) About 3 weeks old (below).  
Notice her leg is skinnier than Daddy's finger. She weighed about 3 pounds in this photo.

In case you couldn't tell already....almost all of our fun is spent with the Hintons! This picture is a perfect example! Hailey was kind enough to share her jeep!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Birthday Candles and Fireworks!

Wednesday, July 26

 Summer 2017

Summer is here! The Marshes are keeping busy, as always! June and July have been full of family, friends, classes, appointments, fun, and plenty of sun!

As soon as school was out, the first big event was Devyn and Kinley's 4th birthday party! Grandma Carol, Grandparents Marsh, and even Auntie Kim came to NV for the occasion. We had a Paw Patrol themed party and the girls had so much fun celebrating with friends and family!

Naturally, it was ridiculously hot for the birthday, but Dad put up shade tents for everyone and we had water activities to keep the kiddos cool. We're so thankful for the help from our parents to pull it all off!
Good thing Santa brought all these Paw Patrol toys! They were perfect party decorations!
Cousin Co and her Nickelodeon connections may have been helpful as well:-)

These damn "grass" cupcakes just about put me over the party-planning edge! Maybe it wasn't such a great idea while it was 115 degrees outside.

FOUR looks good on these two!

Devyn's 4-year stats:
Hobbies: going, going, going! (movies, park, shopping, anywhere!); swimming, playing dress-up
Likes: ice cream, TV,  play-doh, bossing her sisters around, McDonalds, Paw Patrol, PJ Masks
Dislikes: cleaning, going to bed

Kinley's 4-year stats:
Hobbies: watching Frozen (still obsessed!), swimming, singing, reading books
Likes: McDonalds, Paw Patrol, PJ Masks
Dislikes: going to bed, sharing, trying new foods

Rubble, Marshall, and Everest were at the party too!

 I think we had enough to keep the kiddos busy!
The mini bounce house was a birthday present from Grammy and Grampy. Huge success!

 Brylee with Grammy
 Ellie staying cool in the ball and water pit.

 Devyn took care of opening the presents. (above)
Kinley took care of eating everyone's cupcakes. (below)

Grampy must have been on fire! The Paw Patrol saved the day!

Marshall didn't stand a chance against these kids!

 Do you recognize these pups?

After the birthday weekend, Grandma Carol and Auntie Kim spent a few days with us running here and there. I always take advantage of any extra hands...more trips to the park, appointments to attend, whatever that's hard to do by myself while Dad is working. We had so much fun!  

Grandma snuggles are the best, right Brylee and Ellie?

 Auntie Kim playing with Kinley at the splash pad.

Devyn has continued attending her daycare/school a couple days a week, in addition to a few park and rec classes. The tumbling/gymnastics class is her favorite! Kinley has been attending summer school and gets great reports every day even though she doesn't seem too excited about getting on the bus. Brylee and Ellie have been taking a couple classes as well. They love going places but are not super cooperative once we get there. In class this morning they cried and whined like they were being asked to do house chores while all the other toddlers danced, marched, and moved happily around the room. They give this teacher-mom anxiety about the future!  

"Mom, we can get ourselves to class. Just don't expect us to cooperate once we're inside." 
-Brylee and Ellie

Devyn's First Golf Outing with Daddy
 We're not afraid of the 100+ degree temperatures! Bring it on!

She must get her golf skills from her mother. 

 Dad is quite the photographer! I had to include this one as well:-)

Love her so much!

 4th of July
We spent the 4th of July playing and swimming with friends, and then returned home to try out sparklers. Devyn was terrified. Kinley wasn't interested. Brylee and Ellie couldn't decide if they were fascinated or afraid. We finished the evening sitting on the porch watching neighbors (and most of the city) set off illegal fireworks. It was a great day!

Notice Devyn hiding in the background?

And just because I have to....
Brylee and Devyn playing dress-up melts my heart! But don't be fooled by Brylee's sweet pose...she's the bully in the family!

Devyn is such a good helper (well....when she wants to be)!