Friday, June 26, 2015


Thursday, June 25

We officially have two 2-year-olds and two 2-month-olds. Wow! The big girls turned two last week and we celebrated with a beach themed party on Friday.

We had lots of friends and family join us for the celebration. It was HOT! The little ones enjoyed the kiddie pool, splash pad, and water table. The rest of us did the best we could to not die of heat stroke.

 Kinley relaxing in the pool and Devyn enjoying the splash pad.
 Devyn and Elle
 Sandcastle Fruit salad or Seashell Chicken Pasta Salad anyone? 
Kinley knows how to stay cool! 
Kinley playing in the water table...while Devyn tries to get in!
I'd rather play than eat Mom!   -Kinley
Our big girls!
Look who's two!
Kinley is our quiet and calm girl. Well, at least when compared to Devyn.   She prefers to play by herself, especially with puzzles. She is such a sweetie. She rarely gets into trouble, unlike Devyn, so when she is told, "No!" she gives you the saddest face you've ever seen and cries. If she keeps that up, she'll get away with murder as she gets older!
Kinley continues to make progress with her therapy. She's a hardworking girl getting on average three, sometimes more, sessions a week from either PT, OT, and/or ST. She is still army crawling to get where she wants, but she loves to stand and walk with our assistance.
Kinley fun facts:
Hobbies: listening to songs, counting, stacking things, watching the Baby First channel
Favorite Words: more, counting to 10 but skipping 6 and 7 (the "s" sound is too hard!), yay!
Weight: 24 lbs
Favorite Foods: hot dogs, pasta, blueberries, bananas
Dislikes: when Devyn steals her toys

Mmm..this is pretty good!  -Devyn
Devyn is a big helper!
Devyn is, and probably always will be, our wild child! She rarely stops moving. She is mischievous and stubborn (surely she takes after her daddy!), and also loving and creative. She is very interested in her little sisters, and likes to "help" with them. She is often seen shoving a pacifier into one of their mouths.... especially when they're already sleeping. But she gives them plenty of hugs and kisses too... again, usually when they're sleeping.
Devyn Fun Facts:
Hobbies: drawing, coloring, playing outside, watching the Baby First channel
Favorite Words: No, Momma, all done, purple (every color is purple)  
Weight: 28 lbs
Favorite Foods: hot dogs, French fries, carrots, scrambled eggs
Dislikes: bananas, being patient, picking up her toys

Co and her "Fab Four"
June has been a very busy month! We've had lots of visitors...which means we could actually leave the house! Aunt Deb, cousin Courtney, and finally Grandma Carol have all come and gone, as well as Grandma and Grandpa Marsh who came for the birthday party.

We've been on all sorts of adventures the past couple weeks! Courtney and I took Devyn and Kinley on a zoo trip with a number of my coworkers and their children. They weren't too impressed with most of the animals, but they did seem to enjoy feeding the camels. We took our second trip to the Discovery museum with the Hinton family as well. The girls absolutely love the water room there!

 Coloring with Co at the Discovery museum.
The water room! 

Devyn feeding the camel at Roos N More zoo 

 Kinley feeding the camel

The monkey really liked me....however, the feeling wasn't exactly mutual.

Many of the parks here have splash pads with big water fountains and sprayers. We took the girls one evening, thinking it would be better than being there in the midday heat. Turns out, it was a little too cool to be playing in the cold water, but we got in a little bit of splashing before they froze.


 I signed Devyn and Kinley up to take a few classes through the Park and Rec centers in town. Both girls are taking a Gymboree class on Saturday mornings, and Kinley is taking a music class on Mondays. Next month, Devyn is enrolled in a tumbling class and both girls will be taking swimming lessons.
                      Devyn catching bubbles.                       Kinley was not in the mood to climb the mat.                                               
Gymboree class is a two person job! Miss Lily came the first week.
Don't forget about us! Brylee on left, Ellie's smile on right.
Godzilla....I mean, Devyn attacks again! Brylee is under there somewhere too!
Just chillin'
Kinley figured out that sunglasses are a MUST outside!
Devyn getting some alone time.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Two Months Old!

Monday, June 1

Brylee and Ellison are two months old already!
Time flies when you're having fun! Or.. maybe it's because we're sleep deprived. Either way, our girls are growing up so fast! It's already time to take out the 3-month size clothes. I'm back at work now, making life even busier, but luckily the school year is over soon, and I can go back to just one hectic job, as a mom.

Brylee Quinn
9 lbs., 3 oz.    20 inches long
Ellison Mae
9 lbs., 13 oz.    21 inches long

Auntie Brylee and Ellie

Auntie Kim was just here to meet her newest nieces and to help out for a week while I went back to work. She makes taking care of 4 kids look like a piece of cake! We're looking forward to more family coming to visit throughout the month of June.

We're gearing up for a busy summer. Devyn and Kinley will be turning two soon, and are signed up to take some park and rec classes. Daddy took Kinley to her first toddler music class today where she playd with instruments like drums and bells.

                  Devyn looking for butterflies.                            Kinley is wiped out after that tattoo!

Last weekend, Miss Lily and I ventured out to an ice cream festival at the Springs Preserve, a local nature center. We had a blast! Devyn and Kinley enjoyed visiting the butterfly habitat and eating ice cream. However, they were not a fan of the temporary airbrush tattoos we waited forever in line for. Devyn wouldn't let the guy near her....even after mom volunteered to get one to show her how "pretty" they are. Kinley screamed bloody murder when she received hers. You would've thought she was getting a real tattoo!

Devyn enjoying her snack while she waits for Kinley to come out of the butterfly habitat.

 Daddy's Girls
 Nap time
 Auntie Kim wore her out!
Devyn checking on Ellie
Kinley loves to count!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Results Are In!

Thursday, May 21

Are we identical or fraternal twins?
(Ellie on left, Brylee right)
The results from the DNA zygosity test are in....Brylee and Ellison are IDENTICAL! How fun to have one set of fraternal, and one set of identical twins! Sometimes I forget how abnormal our family is until I see someone's reaction when I tell them we have two sets of twins, and all under the age of two! The other day, the pizza delivery guy peeked into the living room when he heard Devyn screaming, and said, "Wow! That's a lot of kids! Are they all yours?" And when I gave him the news, I think he thought that I was joking.

The look of disbelief, shock, or sometimes even horror on people's faces reminds me that I have four excuses to have a few, or maybe more than a few, extra white hairs on my head and be a little crazy sometimes. (Please feel free to remind my husband of that as well:-) But I also have four reasons to be very thankful.

Having two kids completely changed our lives, as I'm sure having even just one will do; but adding another two to the mix has completely changed everything again. I literally cannot leave the house by myself. be fair, I can leave the house, meaning I can get all four girls into the minivan (yes, of course we have a minivan) by myself. But that's as far as my freedom goes....because once I actually get somewhere, it takes two people to manage all four girls. We have two double strollers, therefore requiring two people to push them. Of course, they do make triple and quadruple strollers, but I'm fairly certain I wouldn't want to attempt an outing by myself anyway.

Devyn and Kinley love their new swing set!

People often ask if Devyn and Kinley have their own twin language, to which I respond, "No, not really." They are about as different as can be. Devyn is the loud and mischievous sister; while Kinley is the quiet and independent one. We get pretty excited when they actually interact with each other, as it doesn't happen very often. All this makes me wonder what Brylee and Ellie will be like as they get older. Will they be two peas in a pod, or opposites, like their big sisters?

The rough life of Brylee and Ellison.

Melts my heart!
(Devyn and Brylee)
Three at once!
"I hope someone will catch me!"-Kinley

Last weekend we went to the Children's Discovery Museum with the Hinton family. We had a blast!
                       Devyn throwing blocks at Kinley.                     Devyn testing out her car.
                             The puzzle master!                                 Kinley loved the water exhibit!

And just because I want to remind her about this kind of stuff when she's older...... 
                     "WHO DID THIS?!?!?" -Mom                    "Maybe she won't notice." -Devyn