Wednesday, July 2, 2014

First Birthday Photos

July 2, 2014

These photos were taken on June 18. Thank goodness Grandma Carol was here to be my photography assistant. It is a workout trying to get these two positioned for photos! I'm shocked that Devyn appears to be sitting in any of them....she would start crawling away about 2 seconds after I had her ready.

 Kinley was so serious this day! We only got a couple smiles from her the entire time.

 This is SO Devyn!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cupcakes and Sprinkles

June 29, 2014

We've finally recovered from the girls' first birthday party last weekend. What a wonderful celebration with friends and family! I hope Devyn and Kinley grow up knowing how many people love and care for them. And if the endless guest list and garage full of gifts weren't enough evidence, the fact that our blog has passed 40,000 views should take the cake, or rather, the cupcake!

Our 1 year old cupcakes!
Devyn (left) Kinley (right)

We hosted a cupcake-themed party at the house last Saturday. We had a house, backyard, and garage FULL of people that braved the 106 degree heat to celebrate with us. Grandma and Grandpa Marsh and the McDevitt family came all the way from New Mexico, and Grandma Carol was here from Minnesota. Thank goodness everyone was here to help!

 Cupcakes and everything SPRINKLES!

I think I used about 8 jars of sprinkles in all!
Pictures from our NICU days.
(What did non-creative people, like me, do before Pinterest???)

Clothesline of preemie outfits in the backyard

 What do the Marsh girls do on their birthday? Take a motorcycle ride!
Must take after their Grandma!
 Uncle Aaron with the birthday girls

 Kinley relaxing in the backyard

Serious business... playing bean bag toss

When it was time for cupcakes, I gave Devyn hers first and we sang "Happy Birthday" to her. Kinley was either freaked out by the noise, or she REALLY didn't like our singing! Then it was Kinley's turn. She calmed own eventually, but it took her a while to warm up to the cupcake.  Devyn, of course, dug right in! She must have a sweet tooth, just like her mommy!

 "Why does SHE get to go first?" -Kinley
 Kinley's turn for the Happy Birthday song.

 Family Photo
 Kinley's warming up to this cupcake idea....
 Complete destruction!
After dessert, it was time to open gifts. Their interest in the gifts lasted about a minute....then they preferred to eat the cards and tissue paper instead. These girls are so spoiled! They received a red wagon, swimming pool, water table, ride-on cars, singing teddy bears, clothes, activity table, and so much more!
 We just started, and Kinley is done!

 They have enough vehicles for everyone who comes over now!

"Umm...who put this together? How am I supposed to drive without a steering wheel?" -Devyn
And finally,  because you haven't seen enough are a few of my favorites from the girls' cake smash photo shoot:


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Big ONE!!!

June 17, 2014

Our sweet girls turned one year old today! Their birthday party is on Saturday, but I couldn't wait to post pictures of all we've been doing this past month!

First off, Auntie Nichole came to visit us over Memorial Day weekend. What a blast we had! We did plenty of shopping and even had a pool day!

 What we learned about Devyn: she LOVES popsicles and lemons.
She doesn't even make a sour face!
Pool party!

I finished up the school year and then the family immediately took off for Minnesota. My nephew, Gage, graduated from high school. What a perfect opportunity to take the girls on their first trip to Mommy's home state!
 Kinley was very proud of her cousin, Gage! Devyn....was napping.

Reunited with Courtney and Nana!

We had such a wonderful time celebrating Gage's accomplishments and reconnecting with friends and family! It was obvious everyone had anxiously been awaiting our arrival....our family had been busy buying and borrowing baby gear so that everything was ready for us when we arrived.

 One of the many toys Auntie Kim had waiting for us. Hold on Kinley!
Playing in REAL grass with Gage.
It has been 6 months since they've seen Grandma and Grandpa Ferson!
We took a trip to Oxbow park, a local zoo.
Kinley liked the black bear.
Daddy and Devyn practicing her walking.

Swinging with cousin Noah
After a wonderful trip it was time to head home. Daddy had returned home earlier to get back to work, so Grandma and I brought the girls back home. What an adventure that was! After an airport shutdown, two missed flights, an overnight hotel stay with no luggage, and two flights including a 4-hour flight with twins, we made it home just in time to take Dad out for Father's Day dinner. 
 Snuggles with Daddy
 Daddy and Kinley working out.
And to top off the past four weeks, today we had a mini birthday celebration. Dad brought home an ice cream cake (perhaps more his preference, than the girls:-).  


(I think they liked it! Kinley enjoyed splashing hers all over herself, the floor, and walls. Devyn actually preferred eating hers.)