Sunday, April 19, 2015

Due Date

Sunday, April 19

Yesterday was Brylee and Ellison's due date. They are already three weeks old and are doing great! They sleep so much I sometimes forget they're even here! They've both seen the pediatrician for their newborn checkups and are very healthy. Brylee will have another examination by the cardiologist in the coming weeks to check on her heart, but so far she seems perfectly fine.

Kinley pretty much ignores her new sisters completely. Even when we bring one of the babies to her, she pushes them away as if to say, "Get her out of my face." Devyn, on the other hand, is much more interested. She will point at them, hug them, and bring them toys (I recently found about 7 puzzle pieces sitting on top of Brylee in her bouncy chair).

 Doing what they do best....sleeping. Ellie (left), Brylee (right)
The morning lineup (please excuse the bed heads and lack of pajamas).
Brylee and Ellison said, "No photos please!"
The "big girls" are now 22 months old. Devyn is as crazy as ever! She is incredibly dramatic and averages about 100 meltdowns per day. Anytime something doesn't go her way she throws herself on the floor and puts her head on her hands. She LOVES to be outside! If you leave the door to the garage open she'll get into the stroller, buckle herself in, and wait for you to take her somewhere. She also enjoys emptying the fridge, diaper bag, kitchen drawers, toy baskets....whatever she can find.    
Devyn taking a break from her normal trail of destruction to read a book in her baby sister's bouncy chair.
Kinley is our independent one. At times she will play with Devyn, but most often she prefers to play by herself--probably because Devyn usually takes her toys and runs away with them. She continues to receive physical, occupational, and speech therapies. Her progress is slow, but steady. She still LOVES to watch her Baby First channel on TV and likes it when we sing to her (apparently she doesn't mind our horrible singing voices).  
       Kinley's excited face!                               Practicing her standing.
Fun at the park:

They slept through their first trip to the park.

And just a few more randoms....
 Luckily there hasn't been a baby in the bouncy chair when one of the big girls has decided to sit in it.

 Kissy face!
Miss Lily's first day with each set of twins. Can you tell who is who?
Top: Devyn (left) Kinley (right) January 2014
Bottom: Brylee (left) Ellie (right) April 2015
Backyard Fun with Miss Lily

Friday, April 10, 2015

Two Celebrations

Friday, April 10

Our family has had a lot to celebrate lately! First, we enjoyed a great Easter with the Bjerke and Marsh Grandparents, and of course, Brylee who was home from the hospital.

Torturing Brylee in her Easter dress and an attempt at a Pinterest inspired basket photo
Devyn and Kinley seem thrilled with their Easter baskets....
Our first Easter egg hunt
Easter in the NICU
The Easter bunny found Ellie too!
 They loved coloring eggs!

 Easter Photo
Our second reason to celebrate happened on Wednesday, when Ellison Mae was finally discharged from the hospital and came home to join the rest of her family! At twelve days old, Ellie came home weighing 5 lbs, 11 oz.
Passing her car seat test and taking one last nap in her NICU crib.

Devyn woke up from her nap to find TWO baby sisters in the kitchen.
Doesn't she look thrilled?!?! 
 Getting our first baths. We have our first photo shoot tomorrow! Brylee (above) Ellie (below)
 Who's the baby? Hopefully she doesn't sit on one of her sisters.
Daddy's newest girls

Friday, April 3, 2015

Brylee's Homecoming!

Friday, April 3

What a wonderful surprise to walk into the NICU today to find out that Brylee was being discharged! It was quite a shock actually. I knew she was getting close, but I was definitely not expecting it today. At exactly one week old, and weighing 5 lbs on the dot, Miss Brylee Quinn made it home just in time for dinner.

"I'm outta here!"  -Brylee

Before she could be released, Brylee had to pass a 90 minute car seat test to make sure that her breathing rate and oxygen levels would remain stable. Our little 5 lb peanut disappears into that big ol' car seat when you put her in.
Car seat test

And of course, she couldn't leave without saying goodbye to her sister! Ellison is doing good as well. Her feeds have been increasing steadily, and she is a great eater! She is still waiting for her IV to be removed and to no longer need the jaundice light. One nurse estimated another 3 days or so, but we don't know for sure.
Daddy's first time feeding Ellie

Our first side by side photo
"Bye Ellie! See you soon!" -Brylee

Two sets of grandparents were anxiously awaiting along with Devyn and Kinley, who had no idea what was about to walk through that door!
"Hmm...what is that?"  -Devyn
"Hey! That's MY carseat!"  -Kinley
Kinley didn't seem too thrilled or impressed with Brylee. Devyn was much more curious at first. Once their dinner was served though, they completely forgot about Brylee and didn't seem too bothered by her presence for the rest of the evening. It will be interesting to see how they react as they notice her more and more, and especially all the attention she (and Ellie) get from Mommy and Daddy.   
                            Grandpa and Brylee                            Devyn hugging her new sister

Grandmas and the Granddaughters
 And finally a couple pics of the big girls from their trip to the park with Grammy Marsh and Daddy:
Kinley loves to swing!
 Devyn loves to run around!



Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Big Steps Forward!

Wednesday, April 1st

Brylee and Ellison are making progress every day! It seems so funny that milestones that took weeks or even months for Devyn and Kinley to reach, are flying by with this NICU stay.

Brylee has been upgraded to a crib!
Brylee is doing fantastic! She was moved into a crib yesterday, which means that she is maintaining her own temperature and is one step closer to coming home. She has two requirements left to achieve in order to come home: gain weight and finish her feeds for at least 48 consecutive hours. She is down to 5 lbs. right now, but her feeds have been increasing regularly, so her weight should start to go up soon. She takes all of her feedings from a bottle to begin with, but she often tires out and the remaining milk has to be given to her through her feeding tube. Tonight during our visit, the nurse said that she had completed 4 out of her last 7 feedings, so hopefully a couple more days or so, and she'll be finishing them all!  
Ellison Mae
Ellison had most of her tubes removed today, which means that she was FINALLY able to eat her first meal! Tonight she enjoyed her first bottle of 6 ml of milk (barely a teaspoon or so). She loved it! The staff will gradually increase her feedings, making sure that her digestive system can handle the work. She will continue to get IV nutrition until her feedings have caught up. Additionally, she is down to only one jaundice light (from four). Once the IV is removed and she no longer needs the jaundice lights, she will be moved to a crib as well.

 The best part of having her tubes removed.....we can finally hold our little girl!
 Wasted no time putting this guy to work! Changing and feeding Brylee.


 Mommy and Brylee