Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sweet Summer!

Sunday, June 26

Summer is here and we are enjoying every minute of it! Well, maybe not EVERY minute, but most minutes:-) Our days are full of making messes, playing outside, running to appointments, attending classes, potty training, and whatever else they decide to throw at me!

 Above: Pics from Junior Scientists class 
Below: Devyn is making pizza in Storytime Cooking class.

The biggest event of the summer so far has been Devyn and Kinley's third birthday! Grandma and Grandpa Marsh came for the big day and we invited some friends to join us for their ART PARTY! Everyone had a blast! The kids all painted on canvas, and Kinley painted herself as well, and there were other artsy activities for them to do. Summer in Nevada means HEAT, so of course there were some water activities out too to keep everyone cool.

My 3-year-old artists! 

Kinley Fun Facts
Hobbies: singing, watching TV, reading books, playing outside in the water table
Favorite words: all the colors, numbers (to 20), ABCs, and shapes
Favorite foods: hot dogs, cookies, chicken nuggets, french fries
Dislikes: her little sisters, sharing 

Kinley has become such a Daddy's girl! He is pretty much the only person she will directly address when he gets home or leaves..and she does NOT like it when he leaves! She has been evaluated by the school district now that her state early intervention services have ended, so she will be starting 1/2 day preschool in August. I hope that a new environment will get her communicating more. She continues to get therapy at least 3 times a week, and will get these services in preschool as well. 

Devyn Fun Facts
Hobbies: coloring, cooking with Mom, watching Paw Patrol, shopping, playing at the park
Favorite words: Wait for me!, Want to snuggle?, Want to go shopping?, Stop it!
Favorite foods: hot dogs, ice cream, cereal, french fries, chicken nuggets
Dislikes: cleaning up, sharing, being patient (obviously we have some things to work on!)

Devyn continues to rule the house! How can someone be so bossy and demanding one minute, and sweet and loving the next? She is attached to my hip lately! I can't even go upstairs without her freaking out and running after me.

Devyn and Kinley's Art Party!!!
 Ellie is ready for the party too!

Dad and Grandpa got the backyard ready for the party!

Daddy designed the aprons for our guests!

Coloring station

The studio is ready for the artists to arrive!

The birthday girls working hard! It looks like Devyn was painting on Kinley's canvas which explains why she never finished her own. 

 Artists at work!

The finished products!

                                 Foam sticker station                           Starving artists gotta eat!

A very rare moment...Devyn sharing her birthday cupcake with Kinley!

My birthday girl, Kinley!

Playtime in the backyard!

Ellie and Brylee are almost 15 months old now! Ellison is walking all over the place, while Brylee is still taking her time. She can take a few steps, but usually only when encouraged by Mom or Dad. No real words yet from either of them. They love to play peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake! 

Daddy wanted to go fishing for Father's Day...he caught Ellie!

Every birthday girl needs a trip to Chuck E. Cheese with Grandma and Grandpa! 

I don't think our girls like photos

The highlight of the birthday...a Jeep from Grandma and Grandpa!
(Devyn needs to work on her steering skills.)

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ellie & Brylee turn ONE!

Sunday, May 1

The little girls are 13 months old now, so I guess it's about time I get around to the birthday post! The Marshes have been busy for the past couple months.

We had plenty of visitors in March. Grandma Carol came to visit over Spring Break and stayed to celebrate Easter and the 1st birthday of Brylee and Ellison (which fell on the same day this year). Grandparents Marsh came for the party as well. And to top it off, Auntie Kim and cousin Noah came to visit too at the end of the month!

We've officially survived one full year with TWO sets of twins. I can't believe Brylee and Ellie are one now. We had a Minnie Mouse party (they're fans only because big sisters watch the TV show) for the girls and celebrated with a few friends and family.

Happy Birthday girls!
Ice Cream Cake!
 Birthday cake time!
Ellie (above) Brylee (below)

Brylee Quinn 

Brylee 1-Year Fun Facts:
Weight: 16 lbs 15 oz.
Height: 28.5 inches
Teeth: four
Hobbies: crawling up the stairs, giving hugs, crawling into the dishwasher, stealing toys, shredding paper

Ellison Mae
Ellie 1-Year Fun Facts:
Weight: 19 lbs
Height: 28.5 inches
Teeth: two
Hobbies: crawling up the stairs, pinching people, throwing dishes out of the cupboards

Devyn is my happiness and frustration all bundled up into one 2.5 year-old tornado. She cracks me up and makes me lose my temper every single day. She insists on being involved in everything around her, which is not an easy task in our house! One minute she is kissing her baby sisters and protecting them from danger, and the next minute she's running them over with a toy motorcycle.

Devyn Marie
Devyn Fun Facts:
Hobbies: shopping, digging in the rocks and dirt in the backyard, going to the park
Fears: garbage trucks
Favorite movies: Shrek, Monsters Inc., Inside Out, Open Season, Bee Movie
Drives Mom crazy by: dumping out toys (or anything else) everywhere

Kinley is our sweet, loving, stubborn "big" girl. The NICU doctors called her the fighter and she's been fighting ever since. This strong little girl spends hours every week in therapy (OT, PT, speech, and behavior). She now has an official diagnosis of cerebral palsy which both breaks my heart and yet makes it a little easier to explain why she can't walk or do so many other things children her age should be doing. She is being evaluated by the school district to see if she will start PreK classes in the fall so that she can continue getting intervention services since the state's services end at age 3. She prefers to play by herself and still barely acknowledges her baby sisters, but if you want to get her attention, all you have to do is sing! Her favorites are Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and the ABCs. She knows so many words but still struggles to communicate and express herself.  

 Kinley Grace

Kinley Fun Facts:
Hobbies: playing outside in the water table, watching TV, singing, swinging at the park
Accomplishments: can (almost) count to 20; knows her shapes, colors, and ABCs
Favorite movies: Frozen, Shapes or Colors Preschool DVDs
Drives Mom crazy by: splashing water all over the bathroom as she happily says, "No Splashing!"

Easter 2016
Pajama Easter Egg Hunt
 Brylee found a worm in her egg!
 Family photo session in the park
 Grammy and Grampy's turn

 Grandma Carol with her grand-babies

 Look what we got...a quad stroller! I can actually take them to the park by myself now!

Cowabunga Bay with Kim and Noah
 Noah and Brylee are BFFs!

Daddy and the Big Girls
I thought Devyn would have a blast at the water park! But a few minutes in she got dumped on by a big bucket of water and was terrified the rest of the day!

And a few more random pics:
 Enjoying a little painting on a lazy weekend.

 Devyn is taking Brylee for a ride!

Does anyone wear clothes in this house!?!
And does anyone want to come potty train some toddlers for me? Anyone?