Thursday, May 21, 2015

Results Are In!

Thursday, May 21

Are we identical or fraternal twins?
(Ellie on left, Brylee right)
The results from the DNA zygosity test are in....Brylee and Ellison are IDENTICAL! How fun to have one set of fraternal, and one set of identical twins! Sometimes I forget how abnormal our family is until I see someone's reaction when I tell them we have two sets of twins, and all under the age of two! The other day, the pizza delivery guy peeked into the living room when he heard Devyn screaming, and said, "Wow! That's a lot of kids! Are they all yours?" And when I gave him the news, I think he thought that I was joking.

The look of disbelief, shock, or sometimes even horror on people's faces reminds me that I have four excuses to have a few, or maybe more than a few, extra white hairs on my head and be a little crazy sometimes. (Please feel free to remind my husband of that as well:-) But I also have four reasons to be very thankful.

Having two kids completely changed our lives, as I'm sure having even just one will do; but adding another two to the mix has completely changed everything again. I literally cannot leave the house by myself. be fair, I can leave the house, meaning I can get all four girls into the minivan (yes, of course we have a minivan) by myself. But that's as far as my freedom goes....because once I actually get somewhere, it takes two people to manage all four girls. We have two double strollers, therefore requiring two people to push them. Of course, they do make triple and quadruple strollers, but I'm fairly certain I wouldn't want to attempt an outing by myself anyway.

Devyn and Kinley love their new swing set!

People often ask if Devyn and Kinley have their own twin language, to which I respond, "No, not really." They are about as different as can be. Devyn is the loud and mischievous sister; while Kinley is the quiet and independent one. We get pretty excited when they actually interact with each other, as it doesn't happen very often. All this makes me wonder what Brylee and Ellie will be like as they get older. Will they be two peas in a pod, or opposites, like their big sisters?

The rough life of Brylee and Ellison.

Melts my heart!
(Devyn and Brylee)
Three at once!
"I hope someone will catch me!"-Kinley

Last weekend we went to the Children's Discovery Museum with the Hinton family. We had a blast!
                       Devyn throwing blocks at Kinley.                     Devyn testing out her car.
                             The puzzle master!                                 Kinley loved the water exhibit!

And just because I want to remind her about this kind of stuff when she's older...... 
                     "WHO DID THIS?!?!?" -Mom                    "Maybe she won't notice." -Devyn    




Tuesday, April 28, 2015

One Month Old!

Tuesday, April 28

Yesterday Brylee and Ellison turned one month old! It's been a busy month, especially this past weekend. The entire Marsh family was here to celebrate Grandma Marsh's birthday, so the Marshmallows had plenty of people here to spoil them! We took advantage of the reunion to get family photos taken. And to top off a great weekend, the girls' newborn photos were finished! So, I'm warning you now.....there will be photograph overload in this blog!

Brylee Quinn
Brylee weighed in at 6 lbs, 8 oz at her one month checkup yesterday and is 19 inches long. She was seen by her cardiologist last week and he determined that her heart is just fine! All of those positive thoughts and prayers worked, so THANK YOU to all of our loved ones! She does not require any follow-up cardiology appointments, and therefore is a perfectly healthy little girl!
Ellison Mae
Ellison is the "big" sister weighing 7 lbs, 1 oz and is 20 inches long. You may notice that her skin tone appears more red in the photos (like she has a nice suntan). This is a result of the extra red blood cells she received in utero, as well as a touch of jaundice she's still dealing with. She will be checked again in two weeks to make sure her jaundice levels are going down. Otherwise, she is very healthy as well!  

Here are some more photos from their newborn session:


Aren't they amazing?!?!

SO, still think they are identical? Fraternal? Well, we will know in the next couple weeks. We're having a DNA test done just to be sure. It's called a twin zygosity test, which involves swabbing the insides of their cheeks. We send off the swabs and should have the results soon.

The newborn photos were quite a challenge! Getting two babies positioned and asleep at the same time is quite an ordeal. Our session lasted about 3 hours, and that was for only 5 poses! But if that was hard, our Marsh family photos were much more difficult. Turns out positioning newborns is infinitely easier than dealing with two almost two-year-olds! Devyn and Kinley were not huge fans of sitting still and looking at the camera. And their adorable hair bows and shoes didn't survive long enough to make it into the photos, BUT all things considered, we still got some great pics!

 The gang's all here!
 First official family photo!
 LOVE Grammy and Ellie's faces:-)
 My favorite!

Four kids, two hands? No problem!
"Girl Power!"  -Brylee
Getting big already!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Due Date

Sunday, April 19

Yesterday was Brylee and Ellison's due date. They are already three weeks old and are doing great! They sleep so much I sometimes forget they're even here! They've both seen the pediatrician for their newborn checkups and are very healthy. Brylee will have another examination by the cardiologist in the coming weeks to check on her heart, but so far she seems perfectly fine.

Kinley pretty much ignores her new sisters completely. Even when we bring one of the babies to her, she pushes them away as if to say, "Get her out of my face." Devyn, on the other hand, is much more interested. She will point at them, hug them, and bring them toys (I recently found about 7 puzzle pieces sitting on top of Brylee in her bouncy chair).

 Doing what they do best....sleeping. Ellie (left), Brylee (right)
The morning lineup (please excuse the bed heads and lack of pajamas).
Brylee and Ellison said, "No photos please!"
The "big girls" are now 22 months old. Devyn is as crazy as ever! She is incredibly dramatic and averages about 100 meltdowns per day. Anytime something doesn't go her way she throws herself on the floor and puts her head on her hands. She LOVES to be outside! If you leave the door to the garage open she'll get into the stroller, buckle herself in, and wait for you to take her somewhere. She also enjoys emptying the fridge, diaper bag, kitchen drawers, toy baskets....whatever she can find.    
Devyn taking a break from her normal trail of destruction to read a book in her baby sister's bouncy chair.
Kinley is our independent one. At times she will play with Devyn, but most often she prefers to play by herself--probably because Devyn usually takes her toys and runs away with them. She continues to receive physical, occupational, and speech therapies. Her progress is slow, but steady. She still LOVES to watch her Baby First channel on TV and likes it when we sing to her (apparently she doesn't mind our horrible singing voices).  
       Kinley's excited face!                               Practicing her standing.
Fun at the park:

They slept through their first trip to the park.

And just a few more randoms....
 Luckily there hasn't been a baby in the bouncy chair when one of the big girls has decided to sit in it.

 Kissy face!
Miss Lily's first day with each set of twins. Can you tell who is who?
Top: Devyn (left) Kinley (right) January 2014
Bottom: Brylee (left) Ellie (right) April 2015
Backyard Fun with Miss Lily

Friday, April 10, 2015

Two Celebrations

Friday, April 10

Our family has had a lot to celebrate lately! First, we enjoyed a great Easter with the Bjerke and Marsh Grandparents, and of course, Brylee who was home from the hospital.

Torturing Brylee in her Easter dress and an attempt at a Pinterest inspired basket photo
Devyn and Kinley seem thrilled with their Easter baskets....
Our first Easter egg hunt
Easter in the NICU
The Easter bunny found Ellie too!
 They loved coloring eggs!

 Easter Photo
Our second reason to celebrate happened on Wednesday, when Ellison Mae was finally discharged from the hospital and came home to join the rest of her family! At twelve days old, Ellie came home weighing 5 lbs, 11 oz.
Passing her car seat test and taking one last nap in her NICU crib.

Devyn woke up from her nap to find TWO baby sisters in the kitchen.
Doesn't she look thrilled?!?! 
 Getting our first baths. We have our first photo shoot tomorrow! Brylee (above) Ellie (below)
 Who's the baby? Hopefully she doesn't sit on one of her sisters.
Daddy's newest girls